DDCADV PO Box 3146 Dubuque, IA 52004-3146

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Dubuque/ Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DDCADV)

The Dubuque/Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence (DDCADV) was formed in 1990 with the intention to serve as an entity where the Batterer’s Education Program could be housed. Members of the community ( including but not limited to, the County Attorney, Domestic Violence Program, Maria House, Associate Court Judge, Department of Correctional Services, Members of the Defense Bar and Concerned Citizens) joined together as a way to educate perpetrators, as was mandated by the Iowa Code, in an effort to allow them to change their behavior. The Iowa State Department of Correctional Services eventually absorbed the Batterer’s Education Program. The DDCADV then expanded its efforts in education on domestic violence out into the community. The organization has now grown to what it is today, one that provides community awareness and educational opportunities on issues related to domestic violence. The purpose of the Coalition is to provide community awareness and education concerning issues related to domestic violence. During the past several years the DDCADV has been involved in many public and educational awareness activities.

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